To Do This Weekend: Haymarket Farmers’ Market

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  1. Loving these photographs. In particular the fish image is really eye-catching. You do a great job of blending story telling a feature photos and tie them all together with great pictures. Really stellar.

  2. Great Photos! I really like the emotions you were able to capture on peoples faces and even the pictures without people are very interesting (I like the picture with the oranges and grapefruits) Great job!

  3. Your gallery as a whole gives a really great feel for the Haymarket Farmers’ Market! It’s pretty cool that you got to talk to people. I like that it seems as though you went for the experience and the photos were just a product of that.

  4. You captured the personalities not just of the people, but of the farmers’ market as well. You also have a great balance of people photos and produce photos. Overall, well done!

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