Story in a Photo: New BU Admissions Building to Open Mid-March

BU Student Admissions Coordinator Angelina Hulbert, left in brown sweater, gives BU tour guides their very own tour of the new admissions building located at 233 Bay State Road.

BU Student Admissions Coordinator Angelina Hulbert, left in brown sweater, gives BU tour guides their very own tour of the new Admissions Building located at 233 Bay State Road.

The news story that I want to talk about with this photo is the opening of BU’s new Admissions Building, located at 233 Bay State Road.  The new building is opening in mid-March, and I photographed a BU Admissions Coordinator giving BU tour guides their own private tour of the new building and facilities.

I thought the topic for the photo story was a good one, because the timing  is relevant (the building is opening in just a few weeks), and it’s also something that’s pretty big and exciting for the university. I like this photo in particular for several reasons.  To start, I like the idea that a group of students who normally give tours were on a tour themselves!  I also really liked the colors in the photograph – the red on the wall had a nice warming effect on Angelina’s face.  Some of the other students’ faces were a little overexposed from the bright outdoor lighting, so I used a burn tool on Photoshop just to take down the brightness a little bit.

Something else I liked about the photo was the set-up of the crowd.  As I was taking pictures of the tour, I found it difficult to take a good photo when most students had their backs to me, or when I couldn’t see Angelina clearly in the crowd.  This photo was nice because everyone was spread out on the staircase, and I can very clearly see Angelina’s face, as well as all the students who are facing her.  The lines and the glass of the staircase also served as a cool visual – they showcase the modernity of the new building, and add something unique to the photograph.

Let me know what you think of this picture, or if you have any suggestions!



  1. I love the idea of this photo how it’s a bunch of tour guides getting a tour, something that you don’t see every day! Also I had no idea we were getting a new admissions building, so this definitely informed me. I love how you used photoshop but did not alter or falsify the photo. This was awesome, and the write up was great!! yay!!!

  2. Really good picture, I like the angle you shot from so you were able to include everyone in the picture. I completely agree with you about the red being warming. You do a great job of capturing something that was clearly not super exciting and giving meaning to it. Great job!

  3. I love the angle. You could have easily just taken this from the side on the ground floor but I really like how you are kind of overseeing what is happening here. It’s a good shot!

  4. I really like this photo. You do a great job of framing this photo. I like that you can clearly see everyone’s expressions (though I wish they didn’t all look so bored!). Love that you shot it from higher ground.

  5. I love how you chose an up from above perspective for this photo. The railing of the staircase brings the eye fluidly from the right to the left of the photo, ending at Angelina. You also did well in getting most of the peoples’ faces!

  6. The exposure of this picture is really great. It looks sharp and the red in the corner gives it a cool flare. The angle that you shot this at is really interesting. I like the way you captured the sea of people. Kind of looks like a wave to me. Great job!


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