Summing Up a Semester With InTheCapital

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 8.14.20 PM

After a semester’s worth of observation and critique, I am glad that I chose to look into the best and worst practices of InTheCapital.  While I haven’t liked everything about the way the site is set up, I do think that the overall practices of the website are a great asset to its young, tech-savvy DC audience.

There are certainly ways that I think InTheCapital can improve.  I truly believe that the site should try to move into the realm of photojournalism, to produce more original and exciting photography.  This is a market where I feel the company is lagging behind; it’s missing an exciting opportunity to expand its journalistic repertoire in other unique ways.

Sometimes, I feel that I want more depth from the stories that InTheCapital publishes.  At the same time, however, I know that the site is catering to an online audience, where users are quick to click on a link if a headline is interesting, but are also quick to close the page if the story is longer than their attention span.

InTheCapital does a great job serving as both an online reporting site and a venue for advertising.  While I still wonder about the conflict-of-interest aspect, it appears that the site seems to be making the combination work.

I wish that I would have been able to look a little bit deeper into how InTheCapital uses social media to advertise its stories and attract readers, but I do follow InTheCapital on Twitter, and I can report that the site sends tweets throughout the day, using catchy headlines that draw readers into the stories.  I’m more likely to click on sister-site BostInno‘s Twitter links, but only because I live in Boston, not DC.

I’ve managed to learn a lot about WordPress and blogging this semester, simply by educating myself on the best and worst practices of another company! I plan on continuing to stay up-to-date on InTheCapital, as well as keeping up with my own personal blogging.

So stay tuned for future posts!


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